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When I pulled that book out of the Amazon box, I finally felt it. The weight of my dream becoming a reality. A dream that was born probably FIVE years ago when I longed for one like it so desperately.

I wrote the book God created me to write.

BearingHope Cover Final Front

I still can’t swallow it completely. Squirmy little peanut-butter-handed blessings kept entering my life in the most miraculous ways, so the book kept taking a back seat. BUT FINALLY, after YEEEAAARS of dinking around with it, I pulled the loose ends together and got this bad boy published.

It was almost like having another baby (just one that was in the womb for like, 48 months 😉

This one took years of life experiences. This one took survival. This one took blood, sweat, and tears … literally.

Guys, I cannot tell you how close I was to giving up, like 1472 times along the way. I doubted and dragged my feet.

But every month at the Bearing Hope Support Group, I was reminded that I couldn’t give up. These women needed this book. They were trudging through the sandy, uphill, awful, lonely desert of waiting for a child and I had hope to share. How dare I keep it to myself?

How dare I not teach them about healthy grieving and mourning? How dare I not put illustrations and quotes and scriptures together that would help lift their eyes? How dare I not put living, breathing hope stories living around me on the page? 

Giving up wasn’t an option.

This book was one way I could let my lost little ones’ lives make a difference in this world that they’ll never have the chance to make with their own two (well, twelve) hands!

As their mama, I have been entrusted with their stories, and I dare not stay silent about all the hope that was born out of their short lives.

  • Hope of heaven.
  • Hope that God is REAL.
  • Hope that I will meet them again.
  • Hope that one day, this broken world will pass away and tears will be no more.
  • Peace that surpasses understanding.
  • Joy and dancing that can’t be restrained.

It’s all real. It’s all coming, one glorious future day. 

We must talk about it! We must dance about it. We must write about it. We must remind each other about it and hold fast to it and scream it from the rooftops together, because this life isn’t the end.

That is why even if you’re hurting, you can still bear hope. This is why even if your baby left this world too soon, their little life can bear hope. Even if you never ever bear a child, you can still bear hope.

So my friends, I hope you enjoy the book. I hope you buy a copy and a latte and drop it off on the doorstep of a friend who is walking through the desert. 

If it touches you in any way, please tell me how.

Goodness gracious, this is a big baby. And I can’t wait for you to meet her. You can find it here.

All the crazy big feels,



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