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It would happen this way. Christmas craziness closing in, family situations I can’t get into here, teething babies, constipated toddlers….and then BAM! HOUSE. SOLD.

After a year and a half of popping our house off and on the market, the timing just seems hilarious cruel ironic. Our buyers wanted a 30 day closing, so we have less than a month to pack up three practically babies and two quite busy adults and a house much bigger than we need. OPERATION DOWNSIZE!

ALL THE STUFF (ahem, insert your word choice for poo) has to go:

-All 35 notebooks that have like 17 pages written on? Hard, but necessary. Goodbye words from 2006.

-Kevin’s high school trumpet? Adios.

-Movies and books we never watch/read? See ya.

-14 bras that will never fit the same way after nursing? Giving them a new life by donating them to girls who have been rescued from human trafficking.

-Our second weedwacker…our second/third/fourth strollers…our first/second ice cream makers…OH MY WORD, SEE YA NEVER!

I don’t see myself as a hoarder, but holy STUFF.

Kevin and me and our three little munchkins are on to smaller and better things 😉 We’re just hopping across town to a house we couldn’t be more excited to call home. It’s really cute, has a kick butt yard, and a rockstar status hot tub. I can’t wait to post pictures when we get in and make it ours.

I’m cleansing like I’ve never cleansed before. Selling the big stuff and giving away what we can. You guys, it feels incredible. (Except that Craigslist experience yesterday where two slightly scary looking motorcycle dudes came to buy our old front door and I was home with the kids alone. That was slightly scary and a little foolish. Just, yeah. I blame my brain for being in 14 different places right now. The whole time I was singing to myself, “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world.” haha. #craigslistsmart)

Our heart and goal through this journey has been let go of the trappings of the world and find more financial freedom. At first it was nerve wracking to say the word “downsizing” out loud. But now I’m just like, “Boom. We’re downsizing, and it feels so dang good.”

Have you ever heard the sayings:



“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

We want to live more, give more, travel more and love more. For our family, that looks like downsizing and as hard as I know this next few weeks will be, we are totally jazzed.

The Ryan’s are always down for a new adventure. And this is our current one.

When you get into that quiet closet with the Lord, and listen for his voice…what is he asking of you? What adventure is He calling you to embark on?

Why are you waiting? I hope you will listen to that little nudge in your spirit. I hope you lean into a new adventure this year. I hope you will go, give, dream, create, forgive, restore. Let’s join together and say YES to the God who made us.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a great 2016. 



4 thoughts on “CLEANSING, CRAIGSLIST, and CHRISTMAS oh my!

  1. Whenever life gets a bit too hectic I clean something or organize a closet. My desk is my favorite thing to clean. Good luck on your journey and I can’t wait to see a post about the new house.

    1. that’s a pretty darn awesome response to stress, Amy! I wish I were that way. Luckily I married someone whose stress response is cleaning the kitchen 😀

  2. GOODBYE 2015!! 2016 is going to be the jam!! I’m so happy for yall and so proud of yall for persevering because you KNEW what God was calling yall to. I’m so sad I’m not there to pack boxes with you while our kids are at preschool…but I’m just a vox away!

    1. Aww SERIOUSLY!!! AMEN to that. 2016 is already looking like the jam. 😉 haha. Thank you for believing with us that it WAS actually going to happen. <3 Love voxer, but love you more!

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