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Mother’s Day in Heaven

I imagine the preparations have already begun. They’re hanging millions upon billions of beautiful, twinkling lights and setting the grand banquet table.


The blooming trees line the outdoor banquet patio that stretches for miles, clad with flowers of every color and shape and size. The thornless roses are woven together and run up and down the tables, creating the table runners of every wedding planner’s dreams.

There are giggles and chattering voices galore, as little ones tell each other their favorite things about their mommies. Their little faces are lighting up as they put in their “menu requests” based on their mommy’s favorite foods.

They know us so well, better than we even know them!

They know our favorite colors, and have already laid out their glimmering robe in myriads of that shade. They’ll be slipping them on Mother’s Day morning to wear to the feast in your honor.

Our littles! Some of them scamper about the craft room, designing  brilliant artwork for the walls in our heavenly houses and stringing and clamping together the most breathtaking pieces of jewelry.

Their maker watches them with delight…their perfect little selves worshiping with every movement and thought and hummed melody. Their faces each carefully etched into his mind, as he gently, lovingly reminds our hurting hearts that our littles are more than just fine. In fact, they’re doing beautifully. They’re not at all worried or hurting or lost, and we needn’t be either. We don’t need to clutch our memories with tight fists or fear that we’ll forget, because we’ll be with them soon. And oh, the celebration they have planned for us! If only we could wrap our minds around it!

The tiny dancers are rehearsing their new dance. The writers, crafting poems. The bakers, baking their hearts out–the smell of croissants and scones and raspberry macaroons fills the air! The goofballs, of course, are creating plenty of laughter for all.

The little musicians are tapping their feet, scribbling their pencils and writing away on their horns… violins… pianos. The choir of their voices would take our breath away. They’re writing brilliant heavenly songs that elicit smiles from every parent’s face, including HIS from the throne. They are so eager and proud to play for us on that day.

You know that day, the glorious day we’re reunited. That day, on which we will celebrate all the Birthdays and all the Mother’s Days and all the painful days in between that we had to spend apart.

See, the time passes so differently there. They don’t feel it in the same painful, drudging way we do. They know that day is coming, and it doesn’t feel long off to them at all!

They are so excited to be swooped up and spun around and then embraced for what will only feel like a second, but will be years. From that day on, their Mother’s Day celebrations will look a little different.

They will get to join those who can whisper “Happy Mother’s Day” into their mommys’ perfect ears and  twinkle their little eyes at us as we whisper back, “I love you so much.”

Our littles who know our wombs so well..our heartbeats…our rhythms of life. They will be celebrating us tomorrow in a more glorious, breathtaking way than we can imagine.


Happy Mother’s Day to all who have littles in heaven. Soon and very soon, we will get to be with Him and with them, and it will be more than okay.

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  1. Simply Beautiful,
    My precious daughter, Rachel Jean, left to be with our Heavenly Father, Nov. 2010. This gave me a beautiful visual. Thank You <3

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