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Mother’s Day in the Desert of Waiting is the hottest. It’s the windiest, driest, hardest of days. It hurts.

mothers day when you're waiting

You’re reminded how empty your arms are. You are grieving. You are sad. I get it.

It’s okay to stay in bed today. It’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to be not okay. 

It’s also okay to put on a smile and go to church and celebrate your mom! Validate where you are. Love yourself today.

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5

Your “night” may be longer than a night, obv. But joy is coming, sister. Joy will come and there will be a mother’s day when you can celebrate. That future Mother’s Day when your loved ones wrap their arms around you will be so much sweeter than you can even imagine.

But for today, hang on. Breathe deeply. Snuggle your hubby close. And drink some living water.

Here are some great Mother’s Day reads and vids and resources for you:

Mother’s Day in Heaven

To the Miscarriage Mamas on Mother’s Day

This video. 

Infertility Encouragement on Mother’s Day

31 Days of Prayer During Infertility


Love you friends. If you’re in the QCA, please join us for the Bearing Hope Support Group tomorrow evening. We meet the second Monday of every month and the May Support Group is especially needed as we discuss Mother’s Day and how that affects us…all while sharing our stories. Your story matters. Your life matters.

I am wrapping my arms around you this morning and reminding you that you’re going to make it.

Mercy and grace, sista,



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