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You might have seen my recent poll for which shirt design you like best. Here was the (by a smidge) winner:


Let me enlighten you with all that it means, darling.

There are five simple reasons you should be snuggling more every single day.

1. Snuggles are like free happiness-filled vitamins

Studies have shown that people who get 20 “touches” a day are healthier. This can come in the form of a pat on the back, a shoulder touch, a hand shake, a hug, a kiss, (we arent’ even talking about you-know-what but I’m sure that counts too.) They lower your stress, cortisol levels and resting heart-rate. And these touches bond you with your peeps.

Bottom line: snuggles are free and they make you and everyone around you happier.

2. Snuggling makes you more PRESENT

As a yogi, I’m always working on how to be more present in the moment. It’s hard when your phone has 14,000 notifications buzzing at you and your house has 13000 chores calling your name. BUT, being present in the moment is seriously a gift to the people in your life. When you’re full out snuggling them in your arms, you can’t help but be present in the moment.

Your spouse, your littles, your friends, your co-workers…whoever it is you’re with, be all there. This is an area where I’ve improved drastically but even I could snuggle more!

3. Snuggling is free therapy

You’re angry? Hug it out. It’s hard to be pissed at someone when you’re in a big ol’ embrace. Or get under a darn blanket and binge watch your favorite Netflix show (get that oxytocin flowing) while you cool off and then resolve your fight.

4. Snuggling speaks love

Have you heard of the brilliant Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages? The five languages everyone speaks and receives love in are these: words of admiration, acts of service, gifts, quality time and physical touch. Everyone uses all of them, just in varying degrees. Yep, even you with the “personal space bubble.”

Some people’s PRIMARY love lanugage is physical touch. This doesn’t just mean like that. Get your mind out of the gutter. It means positive physical touch in any way. Hand holding. Back rubbing. Whatever! Snuggling meets this need and we all have it (some more than others, but you never know, you might love it more than you think!)

Go show your loved ones some snuggle love. You’ll both be better for it. 

5. Your little ones won’t be little foreva

It happened overnight. My babies turned into toddlers who seem to have somehow turned into “little people.” I’m pinching myself as I type because it’s quite surreal.  If you have littles in your life in any way, you know what I’m talking about. They’re growing up before my eyes and I refuse to miss it! I waited too long for these miracles to not snuggle more.

Snuggling holds you in the moment. It’s like a live snapshot, capturing the love and closeness and memories in a little capsule of snuggle. You can read, tell a story, watch a show, sing…the sky is the limit! And it’s so darn beautiful.

So go forth, my fellow snugglers and carpe diem.

(And carpe snuggles.)




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