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If you’ve followed me and Kev for any length of time, you’ve probably rolled your eyes at some point. We’re annoyingly romantic. It even annoys me sometimes, but I love it anyway.

I’m not into flowers or jewelry, but trips? Knees go weak every time. We love all the trips, like Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn.

We will ALWAYS take a trip for our anniversary, even if it’s a tiny 24 hour getaway like it was last week.

Getaways are for lovers. Especially when you have young kids. It’s just not optional in my book! You can always get away on the cheap or on the fancy. Let your budget dictate your getaway.

As I’ve been sharing with people where we went, I heard from multiple people that they’ve NEVER been to Lake Geneva! My jaw is still on the floor!

It’s wonderful, lovelies. Here are the top spots and reasons you must find your way up there, even if it’s only a day trip.

  1. Brick & Mortar: The main reason we were drawn to Lake Geneva. It’s a home design store through which I drool. I would love (pie in the sky) to furnish our dream home 100% from this store! I would never ever let my children step foot in this store, nor will I let them touch anything I buy from there. Inspiring. Fresh. Magnolia Farms-ish. (they actually carry that line too)
  2. The Maxwell Mansion: Charming. Lovely. Romantic. A perfect place to stay for a romantic trip. We stayed in the stables and our room literally looked like that pic below. And it has a steam shower (look it up!) Other than almost passing out, it was glorious. 😉(Apothecary Bar – This is a room in the mansion they made into a sweet bar. A surgeon built this mansion so that’s his pic on the wall. And there’s even a speakeasy in the basement on weekend nights…password protected!)
  3. Fun shopping – Balsamic Vinegar and Infused Olive Oil store. Boutiques left and right. Need I say more?
  4. Charm- You can’t open it or buy it. A city either has it or it doesn’t! Beautiful scenery with a lake (tons of boat rental options) and if you’re a winter love bird, there are ski slopes not too far away!
  5. Medusa- A delicious dinner opportunity. Just make sure you call ahead and ask to sit in the more romantic dining room. Our dinner this year paled in comparison to last year based on where we were seated. Also, our service wasn’t anniversary-worthy this year but has been in the past. If you’re a steak snob, it’ll pass the test. Kev went for the steak and I got the pear salad/sauteed kale. #yum
  6. Simple Cafe- We are food snobs and we ate there for 2/3 meals while we were in Lake Geneva. We didn’t regret one bite of that decision. There are no words to describe the locally sourced goodness of this restaurant. We want to invest in one in the QC if someone wants to run it. <3

So what are you waiting for?! Time to Geneva it up!

If you need more convincing, I wrote this post about why you need a getaway on the Quad City Mom’s Blog a couple months ago!


  1. This makes me want to go back to Lake Geneva!! I think getaways are the secret to a relationship.. so so necessary, especially when there are kids in the picture! So glad that you and Kev had such a wonderful anniversary trip!

    1. Thanks Aubrey!!! I agree. Getaways are so vital and life giving!! <3 A change of scenery can be the refresh everyone needs (including the kids!)

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