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Hey there moms. Are you feeling exhausted? Burnt out? Like the days are monotonous and rushed? Do you question the effectiveness of your discipline? Maybe even to the point of questioning whether motherhood is realllly what you want?

Sometimes I feel this way….and it freaks me out! Let me encourage you today with what God sent my way 2 weekends ago at a momma conference. The conference was called Hearts at Home, a place where more than 5,000 moms gathered to be hooked up to an IV of encouragement for 24-28 hours.

hearts at home

The speaker was Rush Schwenk, an adorable mom who gave a talk entitled “Leading your children, not just looking after them.” She also looked 25, has been married 17 years or something, and has had four kids…Lord, please let me age like Ruth Schwenk.

As you read these truths she shared, I hope you will feel your burden lift a little and feel like your purpose is renewed.

1. There is always a cost to your calling.

2. “It is only by God’s grace that our children turn out at all, and only grace saves our children, not our best intentions or methods.”

3. Our JOB is to constantly teach and train our children, yet we expect them to get it after one or two lessons so we can “move onto more important things.” It is worth it to stick with it.

4. It is imperative as a parent that we are intentional about teaching our children the truth of God’s word, helping them become rooted in their faith.

5. Your visible love will impact your child for life.

This is my new creed:

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