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It all started by watching the documentary called Minimalism about a couple guys who decided to devote their lives to living on less.

I had roughly 52 light bulb moments while watching that documentary, and even though I watched it over six months ago, I have continued to feel compelled, urged, and deeply moved to simplify. Especially so in the last few weeks.

Less words.

Less noise.

Less hustle.

Less “stuff.”

The idea of minimalism is that the less you have to maintain, clean, and care for, the less resources you need to live life to the fullest. For example, if you have a tiny house with only a few possessions, you have more time and money to spend experiencing, adventuring, traveling, outdoors, breathing deep, and making memories with the ones you love.

Now don’t think I’m over here getting carried away and ready to downsize again, unless Jesus makes it crazy clear, but who doesn’t want more time to do what they love?

But minimalism can extend beyond physical belongings. It can and does spill over into your calendar, your lifestyle choices, your commitments.

I desire more:





I desire to not add to the LOUD, anoying noise of social media that I’ve started to feel repulsed by.

Followers of Christ, I think, should exemplify peace and contentment beyond circumstances better than anyone else. Yet, for the last … as long as I can remember … peace and contentment have been lacking in my hustle-filled life.

Goals can be great! I’m all about waking up early and being diligent, but to what end? What are you trying to gain? I think it’s important to ask these questions.

Social media exacerbates a desire in me to “do life better,” “hustle more,” “make everything look beautiful,” and get the “next best thing.”

I think the excess in my life has been building up for a long time and I’ve hit this point where I feel like screaming ” NO MORE!!!” So now I’m breaking that feeling down…assessing, reassessing, and reeeeeally trying to stop and smell the roses (aka. my kids’ little heads) and cut out the excess responsibilities/stuff/commitments one at a time.

I feel like I’m at the beginning of this beautiful journey and it’s already feeling like water on my thirsty soul.

So let this be the beginning of my Minimalism Monday series.

Two glorious mornings a week I cart the kids off to safe, organized, warm and lovely classrooms with fresh, angelic teachers and I, my wonderful friends, will be sitting here with my steaming mug of whatever the heck I choose to sip on and thinking “whoa, it’s quiet.” My thoughts will be clear (I think?!) and I’ll be joining you here to talk through the different ways I’m applying minimalism to my life.

Want to join me?

No, seriously, what if less really is more??

I sense there being a lot of deep breathing and more of the best ahead.

Peace, friends!




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