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NaBloWriMo — What in the heck does that mean?

In the writing world, November is National Novel Writing Month, AKA NaNoWriMo. The goal is to write 80K plus words over the course of the month, starting and finishing a book by writing every single day.

The blogger world got crafty and said hey, we want in on this madness! So they stole the name and added a Bl. National Blog writing month, where you post a blog every single day.

Well, two days ago was November first and I missed the boat! But the good news is, there is GRACE and it’s a free country. So I’m starting today 😉

They may be short, or poetic, or a picture blog. But it’s going to be fun around here. <3 I’ll include my high and low so far for the day, as well as something for you to respond to.

High: My 3 mile run tonight followed by handstand practice with AB … This was my FIRST workout in FIVE WHOLE ENTIRE DAYS. <–Thanks a lot cold season. I know I’m dumb for whining about that but it’s HARD to get into a good workout rhythm and I was finally in one!!!) Today I also had an awesome turnout for my first Matilda Jane trunk show! And I saw a killer sunset. And I got to meet a beautiful new baby human. And we have warmer temps coming at us for the weekend ahead. GLORY hallelujah you guys! FRIDAYS MAKE ME HAPPY!!!

Low: Being overly tired at the end of a week where we were mostly homebound!

Today, in light of your house most likely still full of sugary Halloween treats, I want you to share with me your top 5 temptations when it comes to candy.

It’s pretty much all tempting to me except for nasty yellow Laffy Taffy and vanilla tootsie rolls. But if there was a water gun to my head and I had to pick my top 5, I would go with Snickers, Kit Kat, Twix, Whatchamacallit and Frooties…the last two of which my kids got NONE!!!! SAD DAY! (But less tempting.)

Happy NaBloWriMo! A new month brings me happiness. The feeling of a fresh slate and a new beginning.

Also, daylight savings and $5 warm yoga this weekend!

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