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“Hola!” I said yesterday to the stewardess when I entered the airplane to come home from a glorious trip to Cancun.

Then I realized she spoke English, and it made me a little sad that I was leaving paradisio … err, Paradise. But actually just a teensy bit sad.

This year was different from last year’s trip to the same spot:

I was ready to come home.

Actually the last four years I came home refusing to wash my clothes because they smelled like relaxation and sunshine. I would basically sniff them everyday for a month and pretend that I was back there. Creepy, I know. 

But leaving this year, I had a huge epiphany. I love my “normal” life, because it’s simplified (thank you emily ley!) and manageable, and energizing.

I didn’t even want another day in “paradise.” My normal life was calling and I was over the moon about it. It was confirmation that I’m no longer chronically overwhelmed. 

(I’m sure this is also due in large part to having one babe in school all day and the other two being a year older — but worth celebrating nonetheless!).

But it also confirmed that my months of B R E A T H I N G (and raising kids but not much else) have renewed my heart and soul and given me a new zest for life. There is so much freedom and purpose here, in this slower, more intentional way of living.

** Quick disclaimer. My life is not perfect or perfectly balanced or worry/anxiety free or any of that, but I’m in a good place. And I’ll be sharing my thoughts and strategies around creating your ideal rest and balance in the weeks to come.**

My purpose (and word for the year) is to ABIDE.

For me, this looks like:

  • Plugging in and savoring God’s word every morning (realistically 5/7 days.)
  • Living in community with other believers. (Our Tuesday night group eats delicious food and talks about real stuff and is open to anyone anytime, (ahem, YOU!) if you’re looking for a way to be connected, learn more, or just come and be known and loved.)
  • Taking my scheduled 15 minute nap each afternoon to refresh and REST.
  • Letting worship music and refreshing podcasts carry me through tasks that used to feel mundane (laundry, running a set of miles, unloading/reloading the dishwasher, etc.).Stay tuned for a post with my favorite podcasts later this week! Hooray!
  • Writing in the margins of my days
  • Training for a half marathon (something that gives me such joy . . . Marathon Mondays will prob be making a reappearance in the coming days!)

But I think my season of recharging and is coming to an end because I’m bursting at the seams to pour out. To write. To share. To encourage. To teach. To exercise my gifts and step out in faith to do what God asks me to do.

I’m dreaming and praying about starting my own podcast in the next six months (eek!!), and you can expect a couple weekly blog posts (think food, faith, fitness, minimalism, inspiration) as well as some exciting Instagram activity when Lent is over.

Oh yeah, I gave up Instagram for Lent. (did you know you don’t have to be Catholic to give something up?? Something that shows you your own humanity and dependence? 😉 Lol. Perhaps the Instagram algorithm police didn’t show you my post where I announced that, but yeah. I’m not there which has been both wonderful and crazy humbling.)  I was fed up with the “noise” and overly curated content of everyone’s lives.

It had been such a “filler” — devouring every little bit of margin and free time that came my way. It was keeping me from being HERE- NOW. Holding me back from a fully present life.

It’s no coincidence that when I stepped away from that platform for a hot minute, I’m all of a sudden bursting with ideas and words and thoughts. (I have a list of over 50 blog post ideas which has probably never happened ever. I’ve always struggled for content!)

I’ve been steeping myself in the (RIDICULOUSLY MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD) word and some amazing books.

I’m excited, you guys. Stupid excited. Excited might be my favorite emotion, which is probably no surprise to you. Cue the “excited” marks as Coleton calls them!!!!!)

I’ll still be popping onto Instagram on Sundays to do share my heart and pics of life, and I’m keeping my account “open” in the meantime, (but living without the app on my phone) and I’ll only be enjoying a few minutes there on Sundays (15 to be exact), because I’ve learned that boundaries can be beautiful and freeing.

This was just my little winter hi, hello, mini-update! I also have a pretty heavy post coming at you later this week so stay tuned. Real and raw is what we need more of.

I’m thankful for each of you, my beloved readers and sister-friends. <3 If you don’t know what a sister-friend is, you should probably grab my book and send some love to someone who needs it (because sisters struggling with infertility and loss are all around us — if we have eyes to see and hearts to listen!)

Peace, papayas, and naps,


“I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.”

 -John 15:5

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