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“The days are long but the years are short.”

This is the quote people often say to me (sympathetically) when they hear that I have three kids under five.

Frankly, at this time of year, the days can feel too short too.

My to-do list is 12 miles long, and the lines I’ve been stuck in seem even longer.

Everything takes longer in December.

DAILY I feel overwhelmed.

Today, I asked myself…”Is being this overwhelmed healthy?” “Is stressing out about (insert holiday thing) what Jesus would want me to do during the season of preparing for his BIRTHDAY?”

The answers to those questions were big fattie NOs.

So I’m writing this post to declare a few important Advent commitments.

  • I will set the timer on my phone and take ONE glorious minute of eyes-closed deep breathing every single time I feel my chest getting tight and my anxiety rising. (Unless I’m driving, then I’ll keep my eyes open.)
  • I will fight materialism by refraining from shopping for myself at ALL until after Christmas. (Not ONE article of clothing, makeup, or hair product until after Christmas. Lord, you know ima need some help here.)
  • I will give myself more grace in not being able to knock more off my to-do list. (More is NOT always better.)
  • I will spend fifteen intentional minutes reading to the kids and talking about the meaning of Christmas every single morning. (It’s been so fun. They can finally converse in English and have real conversations, sorta!)
  • I will chill. Because 95% of the things I’m stressing about are either superficial, first world problems, or just absolutely unnecessary worries.

I immediately fell in love with this quote when I saw it.

worrying means you suffer twice

Happy, grace filled DECEMBER!!!

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  1. These are wonderful things to focus on – not just this month but all year. I found that this year, (so far), I’ve been much more chill. And I know a lot of that is because I started earlier and haven’t had crazy expectations – especialy about events for Henry. I do not need to go to every single Santa event – he doesn’t care so why should I? Also, by not dragging him around looking for all the Christmas events, we are both happier and my expectations for him are not so far out of whack. 😉

    1. Thank you Kim!! It’s so true! The more margin we have = the better it all is. We can breathe and enjoy our kids! <3 2/3 of my kids don't like Santa anyway ;o) (they like the idea of him, but in person, they run the other

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