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wanna snoop in my life?

Two weeks from today is opening night! I’m going to be in Quad City Music Guild’s production of Les Miserables, which is totally a bucket list show for theater people. 🙂

I’m a factory girl, a “lovely lady,” a beggar, a grieving sister, and a person excited about the revolution. And the leads in this show are ridic so you should prob get your tickets now. Details here.

Anyway, there’s a line in the show sung by the beautiful Cosette:

“In my life…there are so many things unclear, so many things unknown”
So many things

That’s sorta how I feel right now. The future seems like it could go in so many wild, amazing directions and I’m just along for the ride. Some of the uncertainty, though, totally freaks me out. Here are the 4 areas of life about which I’m feeling nervous and excited for the future:

1) Our house. This one is at the forefront of my mind because we have been cleaning like mad people up in this crib. Crazily enough– the house that me and Kev moved into 1.5 years ago, thinking we would live here forever and raise tons of babies in, has been feeling TOO BIG. Like, we have two kids..(both still practically babies) and 1,300 square feet per person is just a LOT! We had a totally groundbreaking, God-moving conversation a few weeks ago where we both shared that we were feeling led to downsize!!

It was a scary conversation…I might have cried about having to let go of some of the hopes and dreams I initially had for this house, but mostly I was crying thankful tears. I’m so grateful that God moved in BOTH of our hearts. Now future-wise…just feeling a little uncertain! What will showing our house be like while we still live here? Will God bring a buyer? What will actual moving with two toddlers look like? What will our new house be like? Where will it be? Will our new neighbors be as awesome as our current ones? If no one comes to buy it, we’re cool with that too. But we feel like we’re stepping out in faith by putting this house on the market. We’ve done a ton of updates, and feel like selling it would put us in a great financial position to become debt-free, save aggressively, and give generously. These are a few pics of the house if you want to come through it and maybe buy it 😉

House collage

2) #1 leads me to #2. Babies. We always thought we wanted babies…boom boom boom…one right after another. As many as God wanted to give us!! (or 5…probably the lesser of the two). (Hence, moving into a 5 bedroom house.) Now, I keep going back and forth on this one. Part of me thinks there’s something Biblical about the Duggar philosophy…and part of me says (holy mama. I can’t believe I’m typing this) “I think I could be completely content with our two miracle babes.”

I’m not saying I don’t want more babies. BUT, as much as I thought I would be ready to try again by this point (Annabelle being over 1 and pretty darn amiable), I’m just not. And I don’t know when I will feel ready…waiting for God to prepare my heart for that. Obviously, I wouldn’t be upset if I got pregnant…but for right now, I don’t want to hop back on roller-coaster-let’s-try-for-another-baby. #ohmiscarraiagehowifearthee 🙁 I love that our family in heaven is big, but I so fear pregnancy. It’s the most intense Love/Hate relationship I have evaaaaa felt. SO, no babies for team Ryan as of right now. As far as we can control it.

3) My writing career. My query letters are at the Ready…Set…when-I-click-send-it’s-GO point. My proposal is being tightened up and edited on a few levels. The first book in my series, “Bearing Hope: Your Inspirational Companion Through the Darkness of Infertility” is in the starting blocks as far as getting an agent/editor goes. On June 7th I will be attending the Write-To-Publish Conference in Wheaton, Illinois and I’m hoping to make some professional contacts and generate some interest in my series. This is a terrifying AND exciting place to be. I know the rejection letters are inevitable, and I’ve actually already gotten one! (Hooray! AND oh crap!) The fears are setting in big time.

The voices in my head chitter chatter back and forth:

“Am I cut out for this?”


“I need a more professional website.”


“My resume is too short.” Etc. etc.

I want to believe in myself with my whole being, but it’s a VERY competitive industry and it’s easy to cop-out and simply give up before I even put myself out there. Why? Because rejection is terrifying. The thing is, I feel called to this. I feel equipped. I feel like I have something amazing to offer, and I am willing to fight an uphill battle to make this happen!!

My book is written in a similar, creatively handwritten style like SARK, and she is a National Best Seller who has been published by RANDOM HOUSE!! If she can do it, I can do it. Plus, I have a gorgeous amazing illustrator named Hannah Slay who has drawn some amazing pics and fonts for me. I KNOW KNOW KNOW my books will change the world for God’s glory! They will change the lives of people walking through infertility, miscarraiges, eating distorders, etc…so it’s WILL happen. It’s just a matter of when…and finding a visionary editor. Will you pray with me for that?!

I am fighting to believe what SARK says: “Have the mentality of ‘they will be lucky to find me.'”

4. My financial representative career. Yesterday I passed my Life Insurance and Disability Insurance exams to become a licensed part of my husband’s financial planning practice! woot woot! My sexy husband, Kevin, has had the honor of growing a thriving practice with Northwestern Mutual since day one of his college intern career 7 years ago. Our dinner conversations have  pretty much been about financial planning for forever, so this is a pretty natural move. It’s also natural because I have already been a part of his team in the marketing aspect for a few months. However, my role is changing for the better. I know I have what it takes to help people in the same way Kevin does, and working in this regard will help expand the reach of his practice and make it more efficient. I am excited tohelp people I care about make wiser and more secure financial decisions!

Kevin’s passion for helping people is contagious, and after a couple years of struggling to find the right person for his team, we made the decision that I will work as an Associate Financial Rep with him for a year or two and see how things progress from there (personally and professionally). The best part is, I’ll still be working part-time hours so I don’t miss a full day with the kids (I’ll miss a few morning hours and then be home when they wake up from their afternoon naps). And bonus: Kev is super fun and easy to work with.


SOOOO yeah, Big changes ahead around here.

You guys, life is crazy. We just never know what twists and turns this journey called life is holding. I’m so glad I am surrounded by people who love me, love our kids, and love Jesus. Even with “so many things unclear, so many things unknown” I can hold fast to this passage from Isaiah 46:9-10:

“Remember the former things, those of long ago;
I am God, and there is no other;
I am God, and there is none like me.
I make known the end from the beginning,
from ancient times, what is still to come.
I say, ‘My purpose will stand,
and I will do all that I please.”

God is in control. It’s all going to be okay. (But I’m definitely wearing a seatbelt because whoa…)

Does anyone else ever experience twists and turns, or is it just me?

It’s a good thing I love change.

4 thoughts on “wanna snoop in my life?

  1. Hi Miss Liv!
    I loved hearing about everything that is going on in your life and I will totally be praying for you and your husband.
    I was actually thinking about change last night and, thanks to insomnia I had plenty of time to think about it. I’m not someone who handles change well. I usually kick and scream (usually only mentally), then act like the big girl I’m supposed to be and accept it. I used to think I was flexible, but I’m finding lately, that I’m not. I might look forward to change, might even embrace it as a future prospect, but when the time comes, I don’t deal well. I do this in life and also with God. I might say that I want Him to change my heart, make me more like Him, but when He tries to, I step back. I’m comfortable where I am and I’ve realize how wrong that is. As Christians, we’re supposed to be willing to follow God wherever He leads us, but if I can’t step out of my comfort zone for something simple, how would I be able to let go and willingly trust Him with something major?
    I’m facing a lot of changes in the coming months and years. Life is never going to standstill just because I’m afraid or don’t want anything to change. If life didn’t change, we would never move forward or grow. God uses things in our lives to stretch our faith and teach us to trust and follow Him. If change means I grow closer to Him, the I guess I’d better get used to being uncomfortable. 🙂
    Sorry, I’m not usually so chatty or so personal. I will go now and let you shake your head at the crazy lady who had nothing better to do than leave you a really long comment.

  2. Hi Miss Liv! I loved hearing what all is going on in your life right now! I will definitely be praying for you and your husband!
    I was actually thinking about change last night and thanks to insomnia, I had plenty of time to consider it. I came to the realization that I don’t handle change well. Sure, I may take it in stride on the outside, but inside I’m screaming and freaking out. I eventually start acting like the big girl I’m supposed to be and accept it. But it’s the time between, when I’m freaking out, that shows my faith. I don’t like what the mirror shows me. I’m too comfortable, in life and toward God. I keep thinking of Brandon Heath’s song “Don’t Get Comfortable.” Have you ever stopped to realize how dangerous that is? If you start at the severe end of the spectrum, you have the woman who won’t escape an abusive relationship because she fears what she doesn’t know. She may be beaten and who-knows what else, but she knows what to expect. Or you have the person who is so complacent that they never step outside their zone. Or you have the lukewarm Christians from Revelation who let themselves get comfortable . . . and I totally digressed from the subject. Anyway, I think sometimes change is a good thing. It keeps us from becoming too comfortable, which I believe is my current problem. I’ve become so content with the status quo that when something does rock my world, it rocks my faith, too.
    I have several changes coming in the months and years ahead. Life never slows down. Something changes everyday and you either learn to roll with the punches and trust God, or you drown in fear and doubt.
    The point in all this? I actually have no idea, other than I guess I needed to get that off my chest. I’m sorry for this horribly long post. By now, you’re probably wishing you had blocked comments. I will go now before you call the guys with the big butterfly nets to come get me! 🙂

  3. Sounds like a lot of crazy, faith filled fun adventure!! I have faith that you will do amazing in all of this because I hear your heart and know you are being God lead. Love it, congrats and can’t wait to continue to read of your journey!

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