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Well, three crazy friends and I embarked on a difficult challenge last week. This was a challenge called SEVEN and posed by the ever hilarious Jen Hatmaker.

I read her book, “Seven: an experimental mutiny against excess” years ago and recently borrowed it again from a friend. Hilarious. Convicting. Stuff.

The seven challenge is one to heighten our social awareness, global awareness, financial awareness, and sheer understanding of the excess we live in.

It was eye opening to say the least. 

Rules for clothing week (she did THIS for a month y’all): 

  1. Undergarments don’t count.
  2. Shoes count as part of your 7.
  3. Coats count.
  4. Pajamas count.
  5. You can do laundry.

Get it? Seven pieces. This is a capsule wardrobe challenge on steroids.

Mine 7 were: 

  1. Running Shoes
  2. Black Yoga/Running Pants
  3. A tee shirt
  4. Dark Jeans
  5. A black and white striped shirt
  6. Cute Flats
  7. A cute rose colored lightweight jacket.

My main takeaways:

  • I love clothes, shoes, and stuff and missed them way more than I thought I would.
  • I’m a stay at home mom and didn’t think this would be hard because yoga pants are my jam anyway. IT WAS STILL HARD. SOHARD!!!
  • I get hot running in pants on the treadmill (much prefer shorts.)
  • I felt embarrassed when I saw the same people on consecutive days, wearing the same outfits (even though they were clean). I know few even noticed, but it’s a cultural norm to change often.
  • I got way less behind on laundry because I had to wash my stuff every night, so others’ clothes got thrown in too and I didn’t have my own huge pile up.
  • Me sleeping without clothes is something Kevin likes. (LOL) If you are married, maybe it would do you some good to try this challenge for a week, even if you dont do the 7 clothing challenge. But I rrrrreallllllly missed my comfy shorts and tanks for sleeping. And I get overheated when I sleep without clothes. Weird.
  • I didn’t get to run outside for the week which was a bummer on my last full week of half marathon training. (This week is my taper! Yay for less miles and building up some running juice! Brew City here we come!)
  • This challenge stirred in me some deep compassion and concern for the people who don’t have winter coats on cold days. I felt/feel compelled to donate more to homeless shelters and to hopefully give the shirt off my back when someone looks like they need it.
  • I love running in just a sports bra. It’s liberating and empowering.
  • I like to break rules. I expected myself to bend more rules because I hate being confined by them, but accountability is no joke! (Thanks girls!) I wouldn’t recommend doing this challenge alone (especially if you’re a free spirit like me!). However, I admit I failed on day 7. I wore wedges to lead worship at church on Sunday morning. I sing and breathe MUCH better wearing heels and I just justified man, like I am right now. My vocal chords are strained anyway, so that was my thing. “The wedges will help me sing better for Jesus.” This was for the good of the body of believers man. WWJD? Jesus would wear the wedges. Fo Sho.


  • I LOVE NOT HAVING TO DECIDE WHAT TO WEAR. (Goodbye Sunday morning clothes changing sessions as if I’m in junior high and people actually look at or care what I wear. No one cares, LIV. Adulting is hard and they’re not paying attention, is what I’ve concluded. If they did care, they didn’t say anything.)
  • I feel more inspired than ever to minimize the wardrobe, travel light, and stop being such a diva when it comes to clothes that I don’t even need. 

It came at a perfect time because this week is the #ruthlessdeclutterchallenge on Instagram with Emily Ley, the worlds’ best organized mama. I cleansed the kitchen yesterday and today is clothing and closets! Eek! Here we come simplicity.

Just wanted to give a quick update. This week our #7 group is doing spending. We are only supposed to spend money in 7 places. HOWEVER, our family is going to Milwaukee on Friday and Chicago on Saturday so I’m most likely not going to survive through the weekend.

So I’m spending minimally during the week, and then I’m going to swap the possessions week with spending and give away 7 things a day. There is so much more crap to get rid of than 49, so I’ll just be doing a massive declutter overhaul as best I can!  (I took 3 huge bags to goodwill yesterday and I’ll be taking more by the end of the week too.) 

Life is too short to live with excess. Amen?

Let’s look outside of ourselves and pray for ways to bless others. Even if you don’t jump into the challenge with me, I think we all desire to do that.

PS. I’m praying in advance for the food week. Only eating 7 foods!!! I’m practically pooping my pants over that one already and it’s a few weeks away. It’s just, I love food. All the food. All the food, you guys!!


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  1. Oh totally!! The great thing about this move (besides being closer to you 😉 ) is the getting rid of stuff!! I am totally into the capsule wardrobe recently (though 7 would be a HUGE challenge) and I am so realizing that nobody cares if you repeat outfits. Love it.

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