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Not that I spend too much time cleaning or scrubbing, but the idea that #babiesdontkeep makes me feel reallllly weepy. Anyone else?

It took us awhile to get out of survival mode when we recieved 3 little miracle babes in 3-ish years. But here we are … finally in a place where parenthood can be ridiculously enjoyable. Maybe it was before and we missed it, but it was hard. Like trenches hard.

But sometimes I find myself wanting to freeze time. Not all day, and not everyday, but sometimes, and it’s a sweet sweet thing to this mama who felt so wearied by littles for so long.

So I’m trying to savor, and seeking simpler living is helping!

I love this. I’m not crafty/artistic in the visual sense, but I used to be crazy creative in my writing and ideas. Adulthood has wrung some of the creativity out of me and I’m putting my foot down!

I’ll be striving to rekindle the creative juices through some fun speaking, writing, decorating, parenting, and blogging adventures. Join me, won’t you?!

PS. Flipping up into a headstand usually gets things moving in that direction 😉 (use a wall and caution if needed ;))

I loved my life as a kid, yet I always wanted to rush into the next season.

“I can’t wait til I’m in High School…”

“I can’t wait til I’m in college …”

“I can’t wait til I get married (and get to do what married people do ;))  …”

“I can’t wait til I am a mom … ”

“I can’t wait til we get that car … that house …”

Blah de blah de blah.

Nope. I don’t want to wish my life away. Not even a little bit. Help me be present in the moment.

Do you want to know what practically helps me stop these thought patterns?


Deep breaths.


Hot drinks.

Time with friends.

No to-do lists.

As you know, I’m seeking more of the above these days. Won’t you join me??


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