Author, Speaker, Coach, Holy Yogi


How are you, babe?!

I know you’ll find something lovely here (in my virtual living room) to tuck into your fanny pack and take on your journey. Maybe some passion, inspiration, and a deep breath or two to tackle your gorgeous (or stressful) life.

Let’s just get right out with it. Jesus is my rock. He is holding me with strong, mighty hand through this wild ride we call life. I’ve had my fair share of smooth sailing and ferocious storms, but the one thing I’m certain will never change is that I am His and He is mine. I think we’re all messes on our own and need help from girlfriends and the Bible and caffeine, basically.

I married the love of my life, Kevin Patrick Ryan, in 2008 and I still love to sniff his aftershave and date him.

Once upon a time, God healed me from an eating disorder. Another time, he healed my body from unexplained recurrent miscarriages. HE is the reason I hope, love, dream and dance. He’s my beginning and my end.

After traveling a long hard fertility journey together, God gifted Kev and me with four BEAUTIFUL little ones to raise! Holy miracle…AND…sanctification, amiright?

First, our little man Coleton Samuel joined our family through the gift of adoption. Thirteen months later, our spirited girlie girl came, Annabelle Hope, came along biologically. The littlest man on campus is Calvin Micah. And now, a few years later, our littlest man is on his way. You’ll meet him in March (of 2018).

Everyday is a party, basically. With tons of giggles and spills.

Let me be honest with you, I thought becoming a mommy would make all of my dreams come true.

Turns out, having kids isn’t the truest form of satisfaction.

Jesus Christ is. I have devoted my life to bringing Him glory. That means I’m opening up to share my story (well really, stories) with the hope that they will help point others to The ONE who carried me through them.

My first book is called Bearing Hope and it’s an inspirational companion for women navigating the desert of infertility or loss. You can find it here or get a free chapter here!

You’ll find more stories on the blog, mostly about faith, food, fitness, family, and any kind of fresh inspiration and hope I think the world needs bombed with.

Traveling is my favorite expensive hobby. Writing is my favorite free one. Yoga, running, handstands, and trampoline jumping with my cuties are my favorite ways to burn off sugar. My sweet tooth is slightly out of control. (Which is why we usually get super healthy and do a cleanse or something crazy every few months! Cravings get murdered and I feel better about life and death and everything in between.)

Singing, speaking, and musical theater feed my creative soul!

My favorite indulgences are “Pedis” (Check out Angela Johnson-Comedian), holy yoga (yes, Christians do yoga), reading fiction books cover to cover, getting my blonde on, macaroons in Paris, Pinterest, CHICAGO ANYTHING!!, Bubble Tea, coffee, writing afternoons, naps every. single. day. (not even joking), heartfelt worship music, homemade protein bars, and pizza in Florence.

Did I mention I love naps?

I am committed to living my life ALL OUT and I hope that I can inspire you to do the same. You were put on this broken & beautiful planet for a purpose, darling.

Maybe you can join me for a holy yoga retreat in the next few months. I love bringing people together and creating inspiration!

So pour yourself a cup of something yummy and enjoy hanging out in (my virtual) living room for a little bit! Drop me a line so I can hear about YOU too, lovely friend!

Grace, peace, and dry shampoo,


PS. Have you taken your deep breaths today? Your goal should be roughly 100. Or 10. Or somewhere in between. It’s SHOCKING how wonderful they feel on a stressful day.