Sidebar_photoMy dearest friend,

Let me tell you about me. Jesus is the center of my heart and soul. He is holding me with strong, mighty hand through this ride of life. I’ve had my fair share of smooth sailing and ferocious storms, but the one thing I’m certain will never change is that I am His and He is mine.

I married the love of my life on July 5th 2008. Kevin Patrick Ryan is my main squeeze, better half, and the guy I get googely eyed over. Someone told me once never to trust a man with three first names, but I couldn’t help it. He’s amazing and well, he’s sorta stuck with me forever (insert Elphaba laugh!)

After traveling a long hard fertility journey together, God gifted Kevin and me with three beautiful children to raise here on Earth. First, our son Coleton Samuel came to us through the miracle of adoption. Our sweet boy’s fitting birthday was Valentine’s day. We love that boy with all our hearts. Thirteen months later, our hysterical girlie girl came along biologically. She is the seventh of our biological children, and the first one who was able to take her first breath on this earth. Annabelle Hope is her name, and we love that girl with all our hearts. The baby, Calvin Micah, was born just over two years later. We love him with our whole hearts too.

Fast and furious, they sure came, and I still pinch myself a lot to remind myself that this is all real.

Let me be honest with you, I thought becoming a mommy would make all of my dreams come true. Turns out, babies aren’t the truest form of satisfaction. Jesus Christ is. I have devoted my life to bringing Him glory. That means I’m opening up to share my story (well really, stories.) There are so many crazy ones. The first one I wrote into a book was my story of recurrent miscarriage. It’s called Bearing Hope and it’s for women navigating the desert of infertility or loss.

Traveling is my favorite expensive hobby. Writing is my favorite free hobby. Playing tennis, running, stretching and trampoline jumping are my favorite ways to burn off sugar. My sweet tooth is slightly out of control.

Singing feeds my soul. Performing gives me energy. Musical theater makes my knees go weak.

My favorite indulgences are “Pedi’s” (Check out Angela Johnson-Comedian), holy yoga (yes, Christians do yoga), reading fiction books cover to cover, getting my blonde on, macaroons in Paris, Pinterest, Chicago escapades, Bubble Tea, coffee, writing afternoons, naps (let’s be real), emotional worship sessions and pizza in Florence.

One time, God healed me from an eating disorder. This other time, he healed my body from unexplained recurrent miscarriages. He is the reason I hope, love, dream and dance. He’s my beginning and my end.

I try to live my life on purpose, and I hope that I can inspire you to do the same. You were put here for a purpose, and you found my page for a purpose. I hope you enjoy exploring, and I would love to hear about YOU if you get a moment.

Grace, peace, and caffeine,