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Growing up, my family subscribed to Family Fun magazine. It was filled with beautiful pictures, craft ideas, recipes, and FUN things that you might do with your family. (Dur.) My three siblings and I loved looking through it and selecting activities we would do and recipes we would make as a family that month.

I feel like Pinterest/Facebook/Insta is the new Family Fun. Pictures galore flood my feeds, but this time it’s not just a pretty polished airbrush magazine family that is supposed to look perfect. Now it’s my actual friends and acquaintances.

Insecurity rushes up inside me. Am I doing enough fun things with my family? Do we play outside enough? Am I providing an education rich environment? Do we cook together enough?

I look around at a toy-strewn floor. I break up the seventh fight this hour. I live in a house where chaos often reigns. It’s quite hot and messy around here.

Then I look back at my screen and see other kids twirling with leaves flying around them, grinning from ear to ear.


The squeaky clean kitchen of my dreams.


The steam coming off of her coffee cup beside a full calendar of weekly planning.

Scroll. Scroll. Scroll.

Brain sends feel good chemicals.

….But also in barges all the thoughts that are not true, holy, right, pure, lovely, excellent, an on and on.

“You’re not organized enough. You just don’t have enough energy. She is a much better mom/entrepreneur/superwoman.”

Insecurity that used to reside in body image struggles now presents itself in the domestic and parenthood realms.

I’ve distanced myself from social media in the past to combat comparison and envy, and right now I’m doing all right with everything.

But last week was a hard week with sick kids (and now I am the one who doesn’t feel great…just a cold, but I’m feeling old and sickly and crotchity about it). SO hence came this post. I am writing out my thoughts to call out the deception for what it is.

Remember, sweet darling, social media is *usually* everyone’s best foot forward. It can inspire! But it can also tempt us to believe lies. And it can cause us to sin…envy, consumerism, inadequacy, and on they go.

So today I’m reminding myself that Jesus isn’t calling me to have a beautiful Instagram page (He totally is calling some of you to that, and I love it! Don’t stop!) He’s not calling me to kill it in my businesses. He’s not telling me to buy or do anything more.

He’s calling me to rest.




Make space for Him.

Be present with my people.

So that’s what I’m committed to this week. A week of family fun, off the record. To live our non-airbrushed journey in all of it’s messy glory. To wrestle and read and snuggle more.

Here’s to a new week friends. <3 His mercies are new every morning.

Sabbath love,



  1. This totally resonates with something I’ve been considering lately. How do we best use social media in our lives? I think recognizing our calling by Jesus is such a powerful way to approach the topic!! XOXO

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