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I was a guest on my church’s podcast this past week (maybe you can give it a listen while you do laundry/drive/go on a walk/rest this afternoon!) which has me finally excited to launch this post that has been in the works for a few weeks!

I’ll have you know, I’m a harsh podcast critic. So this “favorite” list is really whittled down from a bunch of great ones that I dabble in that just don’t make the cut on a regular basis.

These are the top traits I’m looking for in a podcast: Engaging, Relevant, Concise, Inspiring. I’ll bullet my favorite traits of each for an easy read!

The Goal Digger Podcast- Jenna Kutscher –

“The live-workshop style business podcast that is helping thousands redefine success and chase bolder dreams. You can train from the experts how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way.”

  • Marketing and Inspiration for entrepreneurs and creatives
  • Jenna is real, relatable, and a girl who (humbly) kicks *ss personally and professionally.
  • She asks great questions and her voice has a nice tone to it.
  • NO ADS!!! This is huge for a business/marketing podcast. She does promo her own freebies but I respect the heck out of this move.
  • Has some guest episodes and some that are just her sharing her wisdom. I love this balance. (I will say, not every guest is my cup of tea or is talking about a relevant topic to me, so I just skip to the ones I will love!)
  • Downside: Sometimes the episodes get a little long for me (I like to get into the content and get out.)
  • Overall, I give it 4.8 stars!


The Daily Liturgy Podcast – Coram Deo Church Community 

Tagline: The Daily Liturgy Podcast provides Christians everywhere with a historically informed, biblically rich daily devotional in audio format.  

  • I love getting God’s word in audio format for when I miss my morning reading time or just to get it from a fresh angle.
  • It provides a daily “confession,” Old Testament, Psalm, and New Testament Reading everyday.
  • They post a new one everyday so you can work your way through the Bible.
  • Short and sweet (Usually 9-15 minutes long.)
  • Downside: One of the male reader voices drives me BONKERS and I can’t. CANNOT. handle it.
  • Downside #2: It’s a little slow for me. I have to listen on 1.5 speed. Needs a bit more “pep in its step.” God’s word shouldn’t feel low energy or boring. But this depends on each reader too. They have 3 different readers, I believe.
  • I think they need a new logo. It seems bland/outdated to me. ((But then again, maybe I shouldn’t speak because I desperately need a website face lift and I need to find the right person for the job!! Any interest??)
  • Overall, I give it 4 stars!


Revelation Wellness – Healthy & Whole – Alisa Keeton

  • Inspiring from a faith AND health standpoint, both diet and exercise. (The best blend!)
  • YALL. Alisa is bold, courageous, and probably the most inspiring person I’ve ever met. Alisa lives out her faith with intentionality and depth and this is her sharing her heart. (I met her at the holy yoga retreat in 2010 when I got certified to teach.)
  • Content is a combination of actual workouts (guided), knowledge on the body/mind/spirit, FAB health and wellness info from years in the industry, and guided meditations. Alisa rarely has guests on the podcast but it’s perfect the way it is.
  • I love this podcast. And the heart of this podcast. Did I mention I love Alisa?
  • Downside: I honestly can’t think of one here.  <3
  • 5/5 Stars.

Risen Motherhood Podcast

Risen Motherhood exists to encourage, equip and challenge moms to apply the gospel to their everyday lives. We do this by providing gospel-centered content through a podcast, blog, and social media platforms. In addition, Risen Motherhood creates Bible study tools to help moms abide in God’s word, coming to a first-hand knowledge of God’s will for their lives. Finally, we connect women to theologically-sound and edifying outside resources to help them grow in their role as a mom.

It’s succinct!!! 20-35 minute episodes with lots of meat make me happy.

They cover incredibly relevant topics for a mom of littles (since they are part time working moms of littles like me!)

They are thorough and matter of fact.

Downside: The two hosts’ voices are very similar and it can get a little monotonous listening to them at times. It’s a vibe thing too – I think sometimes people just have a charismatic sound and other times they don’t. But overall, they’re great. I hope this doesn’t sound mean.

Honorable mentions to go: 

For the Love Podcast – Jen Hatmaker. Firrrrkin HILARIOUS woman. I love her books and her shameless style. She loves Jesus well and has quite a voice of her own. These episodes can get a little long and I can’t seem to keep up but they’re great. The Jon Christ episode was one of my favs. I basically died laughing. If you haven’t checked him out, HILAR. Get a kleenex because Kev and I were laughing so hard in bed last night watching his youtube videos we were crying. And we got an ab workout. Double whammy. <3

Sacred City Life Podcast – Love that they show the video stream when it’s recorded live! This keeps it less of an “edited” feel. It was the most natural feel I’ve experienced as a guest. Also, it’s not cluttered with sponsors. It exists to teach and encourage believers seeking to live out the gospel in all areas of life. The sacred city life podcast has covered quite the range of topics so far!

Mama Bear Dares Podcast – Leslie and Tesi are fierce mamas who fight for social justice and make the change they want to see in the world. They’re incredibly inspiring and cover a huge range of topics. I even guested for them once, gosh almost a couple years ago now!

Catch this Mama: Own your mom life– This podcast is incredibly practical, helpful, and encouraging. Since I’m in the trenches of parenting littles right now, it always gives me practical wisdom, encouragement, and resourcefulness from women who have been there. I also made a guest appearance on this podcast a little less than a year ago! (The most recent “mother like a boss” episode really spoke to me!)



    1. I do like the Happy Hour podcast!! It didn’t make my favs but it is a good old standby that I return to here and there! What do you think about The wellness revelation so far?!?! Love Alisa Keeton!!

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