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_You are special._

“As long as your privates are covered and you’re warm enough, you can wear whatever brings you joy, sweetheart!”

“You can say anything to God. He knows what you mean, even if it doesn’t come out the right way.”

“You can do anything you put your mind to.”

“It’s okay to cry.”

“You need to wash your hands. There are invisible germs ALL over them.”

“Airplanes can take you amazing places to see incredible things.”

“You need to give your sister/brother a hug and say I’m sorry.”

“We need to take care of what we put into our bodies, because we only get one body.” (You can find my healthy living page here with tips and health hacks!)

“God always loves us, even when we mess up. We could never mess up too much to make God stop loving us.”

“You are so brave!”

“If you don’t brush really good, the sugar bugs will eat your teeth.”

“You need to calm down and take five deep breaths.”

“God has made you so unique and special.”

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“It doesn’t matter what other people think. What matters is that God loves you and we love you, and that will never change.”

“Poop and pee belong ONLY in the potty. They never belong in your pants.”

“Sometimes people aren’t very nice. They’re not trying to hurt you, they just have a lot of hurt in their heart and sometimes it comes out and hurts others.” (Re: the postal worker in the passport office who barked at Annabelle and made her cry, twice.)

“No one is perfect because we’re not God. And that’s okay.”

Amazing reader friends, I know you have more to add to this list. Leave a comment below 🙂  

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