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Y,all. This is going to be a mini-update but I can’t let this Monday pass without a peek into our lives with no TV. (Because when you use alliteration in your titles, you don’t dare post a Minimalism Monday post on a Tuesday. Shakes head.)

This is how it rolled:

Days 1-3: “Why did we think this would be hard?” say the parents who have stacked the days full of fun activities, crafts, and errands. Giggles galore. General euphoria.

Days 4-7: Kids are asking to watch TV INCESSANTLY. It feels like a CD of whiny kids is being played full blast inside of my ear drums. EVERYONE is banging their heads against the walls. “I will not cave. I will not cave. I will not cave. Should we maybe just do a week??”

Days 8-16: “Whoa. We have found a new rhythm. This is actually happening. I LOVE THIS SIMPLE LIFE.” Silent smile scream!! The kids don’t even ever ask to watch because there’s nothing to ask to watch. They have NO idea how to work the TV in the basement and it’s out of sight-out of mind.

They play and read like little strangers. Who are you?? Are you my actual children, or just happier replicas? I ask.

I also have been burning more candles, because it’s “hygge” — and creates cozy, happy vibes. Something is working. 

Our Amazon Alexa provides great entertainment. I would HIGHLY recommend getting one if you love a good dance party. The kids love ordering Alexa around, and she doesn’t seem to mind. They also have developed some pretty stellar dance moves. (Keep watching my instagram stories for more insight here.)

The munchkins still seem to enjoy fighting, too often in my opinion. I still drink coffee and wine, not to often in my opinion.

But we’re moving toward a simpler, slower life at home and it’s what the doc ordered.

Also, I won’t lie. This accomplishment (surviving three tiny kids and almost no TV for 2.2 weeks) makes me feel almost as badass as when I ran a full marathon.

They were sufficiently addicted before. Not sure how long it will take to render them completely un-addicted.

Exceptions so far:

Coleton gets 30 minutes of Kindle time per day when he is going #2 because it takes him awhile, mkay? #boyswillbeboys. So far, his child-proofed Kindle taught him how to tell time. I’m impressed.

The kids have watched a total of 3 movies:

-One DVD with friends on our downstairs television so we could share drinks with our friends while they stayed up past their bedtime.

A Wee sing DVD on a Saturday morning which hardly counts because the music is so cute, and cuz mom and dad got some beautiful time to make waffles together in silence. That is not a sexual reference. Just talking about actual waffles. (this recipe to be exact.)

-Last, we took them to see the movie “Leap” because it’s about dancing and they all love to dance. And we needed a fun family outing. (I admit, this outing was somewhere during the Death Days 4-7).

-We do not regret these exceptions. Not even a tiny.


I know it’s a pain, especially if your TV is mounted or your husband is stubborn. But you should consider joining me for this wild way of living like we’re from the old days. I can’t believe the freedom and joy it has gifted to our family.

More Minimalism Mondays to come.

In peace and for the love of fall-scented candles,

I’m signing off.



  1. I was thrown into this no tv phase as of yesterday when my neighbor put up a fence and they cut the lines! No TV I can do but not having internet is hard (soonest we will get it back is a week). The kids are used to only watching tv for a few minutes a day once they are ready for school as they wait on the bus and iPad time is limited to weekends (they earn time throughout the week by doing small things around the house. So ultimately the kids are doing fine it is me adjusting to only having limited data on my phone and not having internet to work or just read online much.

  2. We have no TV connection at all anymore. The kids will occasionally watch some PBS kids on an app on the computer, or a family movie night. But I hear ya when you talk about giggles galore and fun! Our girls dress up and play pretend or read or play outside or craft whenever we are not schooling (we homeschool, too). Kids can be KIDS, actively playing and exploring and not just consuming. Keep it up!

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