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Minimalism Monday: Shopaholism and toy rooms

When you have a shopaholic bent, it’s hard to be a minimalist. But not impossible.

You can quote me on that ;). Seriously, though. Things have been far from minimalistic around here lately (Hello Matilda Jane tea party, one of the most adorable girlie things I’ve done with my AB girl! It was a blast, but I bought so many things we don’t NEED because LOOK! It’s drenched with cute, and when you’re getting half off items as a host, it’s hard to say no. Says the shopaholic.)

It’s also Holidays….another “excuse” to fill my browser history with stores and the “shopping carts” in the upper right hand corner.

It happens so easily, so instinctively for me. Almost as if it weren’t me doing it. But no, I am an adult and I will, I must take responsibility.

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with creating a beautiful wardrobe or home. I love freshening things up, change is my middle name. And for the love of all things beautiful, how about that new hearth and home line from Chip and Jojo? Darn you, Target.

But really though, do I need that stuff? Or do I want it because I think it’ll bring me happiness and order? We shoppers must ask ourselves these difficult questions that sometimes evoke unpleasant answers.

I’m not shopping with money we don’t have, but am I making the best use of what God has given us? Probably not. Do we need more? HECCCKKK to the no no.

And so today, as I sit and sip, the idea of more freedom … space … time  … pulls at me all the more.

On that note, I recently read a beautiful blog post from a friend and minimalist mommy that inspired me to overhaul our toy room. This is a massive feat when you have three kids and a ton of crap, no matter how many times you’ve attempted to do this before.

So I think my goal for today, besides surviving parent teacher conferences…help me Jesus, is to tackle one quadrant of the kids playroom using the four box method.

In short, I’ll divide everything first into donate, trash, and keep piles. Then, the keep pile gets divided into four different boxes so I can rotate their toys out. <3 If I don’t say it publicly, this task will likely fall to the bottom of my to-do list.

So bring on the good music, the caffeine, and the discernment. (Dare I break out the Christmas music??! The Pentatonix Christmas album NEVER disappoints, so yes, I do dare 😉 Haters gonna hate baby.

<3 Happy Minimalism Monday, love bugs!


PS. Three blog posts and it’s only the 6th of the month!! Hooray for NaBloWriMo and raised bars!!


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