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Waiting for a child … infertility … loss … the whole thing is long, hard, and lonely.

It’s like trudging through a desert with a big ol’ burden bag on your back.

The outcome feels unclear and hope can be in such short supply.

But I have great news. You are not alone. And there is hope!

Bearing Hope: Navigating the Desert of Waiting for a Child was created to be your every own inspirational companion, your “Desert Sherpa” of sorts. It will meet you where you are and lead you on an amazing journey of healing.

Within its pages you’ll find inspiring quotes and stories of women who have walked where you walk. She will hold your hand as you give grace to people who said the wrong things, dump your burden bag, and sharing your story piece by piece.

Liv shares the good, bad, and ugly from her story and faith journey, and offers Biblical encouragement and hope that transcends worldly circumstances. You’ll hold this book close to your heart and drink it up like rain in the desert. whether or not you ever

The book also includes illustrations from the amazing Hannah Slay. ^^ Her artistic hands are worth more than a massive brick of gold, as you will see.

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