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Liv inspires a fresh passion, courage, and hope in every audience she reaches. She would be tickled pink to speak at your group or event!

She loves to speak to groups both large and small. Her experience includes conferences, camps, retreats, mom’s groups, student ministries, and women’s bible studies.

Due to the ages of her children, Liv limits the number of engagements that she accepts each year. She is currently booking her Fall 2020 calendar. Contact Liv here to inquire about your event.

1. Courage, Grit, & Grace: Finding Hope and Freedom (even and especially in life’s deserts)

Life throws us curve balls — often — and when that happens, how do you deal? This is Liv’s favorite topic to encourage and equip people about, because we all could use to breathe a little deeper and steep our lives in the one who offers living water.

In this session, Liv will help you:

  • Burst with hope, even in the hurt.
  • Grab hold of practical tools and truths you’ll need to weather the desert path.
  • Breathe deeper and harness the power of breath, prayer, and meditation in your daily life to grow your endurance, resilience, and fruit of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.)

2. Five Lie Shattering Truths

Body image, faith, culture… Do you ever feel like it’s near impossible to discern truth from lies? Liv gets incredibly vulnerable in this talk as she discusses body image struggles, burdens, and doubts in the faith.

In this message, Liv will help you:

  • Discern some of the lies you may have been believing.
  • Embrace five foundational truths every woman needs to stand on to fight the lies that creep in.
  • Combat the lies that you have believed about yourself, faith, or others and deepen your relationship with the Lord.

3. Breathe & Be Whole

This workshop includes a 15 minute talk about nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness (body, mind, and spirit) for busy moms. It also includes a 45 minute experiential worship portion using stretching, worship music, and scripture. Having taught holy yoga for 11+ years, Liv is experienced and passionate about helping women experience restoration through intentional rest, stretching, and physical wellness.

In this workshop, Liv will help you:

  • Learn some yummy, healthy, EASY recipes (that even picky eaters will like.)
  • Overcome your fears with the gym/strength training and give you some workouts you can fit into your busy life.
  • Tune into your body and discern what it needs, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Feel refreshed and energized from the inside out.

4. Simplify, Minimize, and Restore

Do you ever get overwhelmed at the amount of stuff you own and need to organize? Like maybe your stuff is owning you rather than the other way around? Is your closet a hot mess? Have you ever moved and found boxes that never even got opened? Do you tell yourself that someday you’ll cleanse and purge but that day never comes? ARE YOU OVERWHELMED? This talk, my friends, is what you need.

In this session, Liv will help you:

  • Find space you never knew you had (in your home, your closet, and in your heart.)
  • Recover your life through purging techniques that will have you itching to go home and implement.
  • Get to the heart of why we love our stuff so much, and help you loosen your grip on material possessions to make room for the real good stuff of life.

A glimpse into Liv’s style:

If you have another topic in mind or for speaking inquiries, please contact Liv for details, rates, and availability.