If you’ve ever thought “that Liv Ryan girl has it together…” You might want to come spend a day at mi casa.

I struggle on the daily.

Don’t let my dry shampoo fool you. The struggle over here is real real, y’all.

struggle is real

In a nutshell, this phrase could arguably be the one that sums it all up. It’s like this:

  • The struggle to have kids was real.
  • The bath struggle is real.
  • The laundry struggle is real.
  • The struggle to be on time is real.
  • The technology struggle is real.
  • The auto correct struggle is hilarious sometimes and real.
  • The struggle to decide what to order at the Cheesecake Factory and Whiteys is real.
  • The struggle to stop eating delicious food when I’m full is real.
  • The struggle to keep our house looking like a hoard of angry children live here is real.
  • The struggle to be hands free and 100% present is real. (Hands Free Mama is one of the most convicting books eva eva.)
  • The struggle not to spend all our money at Target is REAL.
  • The struggle to not rely on caffeine as my life force is real.
  • The struggle to meal plan and make healthy dinners is REAL.
  • The struggle to keep my temper in a safe zone is real (sometimes, usually the week before you know what).
  • The struggle to be content is real.
  • The struggle to stop eating PopTarts and Girl Scout cookies is real. If you follow me on Facebook, you already know this. It’s for the girl scouts, guys.
  • The struggle at the dentist is real.
  • The struggle to stop shopping on those dang swap sites is real.
  • The struggle to slow down and snuggle more is real.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 6.46.40 AM


  • The struggle to not stop at every garage sale is real. (I have a thrifty person shopping problem.)
  • The struggle to spend deep, intentional time in Bible Study and Prayer on the daily is real.
  • The struggle to always be a loving, sacrificial, assuming-the-best wife is real.
  • The struggle to be the mom I want to be is real.
  • The struggle to want perfection (heaven) is real.

Anybody feel me? It is real. Because we live on this side of heaven right now and sin is an issue. NO ONE IS SIN FREE. That’s why Jesus came, so we would have a way to the father despite our struggles.

So thankful that there are new mercies every morning and grace the whole day through.

Deep breaths. We’re in this together. <3 We’re going to make it!!

What would you add to the list?!


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