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Why I said I would NEVER do a network marketing business

Here’s the deal. You and me and every other person on this planet with a ponytail and a Facebook account has been invited to 30 batrillion parties. I used to think it was annoying. And still don’t always super love it because not everyone is tasteful about it.

This is my story.

I used to sell Pampered Chef. I loved it (mostly because = FOOD.)

It was the perfect way to stack my kitchen with high quality kitchen products. Then my kitchen had no more room for new such gadgets and I stepped out of the biz. It had been fun, but Kev and I were in season of recurrent pregnancy loss and I had little energy to give.

Time passed and opportunity after opportunity came my way … “Oh you would be so good at xyz.” “You could make such a great passive income.” “Try this!” “Try that!”

It was all too much. The invitations. The parties. (The pressure that was really only inside my head.) I started to get all cynical and think that they were just after my wallet.

For all these reasons, I told Kevin that I would never do network marketing again. I didn’t want anyone to feel like I was pressuring them to buy something so I would make a buck. I declined almost every invitation without much thought. I was happy to support friends’ parties when it was something we needed or wanted, but as for the business part, I stuck my small thinking head in the sand.

(Also, I had become busy with my book and platform building.)

livOver the course of my book writing and launch (the last couple years), something started to change. Not with me, necessary, but with others around me. I started seeing friends dive into their own businesses, some of them being network marketing businesses, and they were THRIVING. They were clearly LOVING their products and for some of them, these businesses had been life changers.

I realized that some of my beliefs about home based MLM businesses were WRONG. They weren’t just doing them to make money. These people were repping things they loved, and recommending things they believed in. And as a result, they were making money. (Some of them, a LOT of it. Like six figures lot.)

I decided to stop being judgy. And cynical. And kill-joy-ish. Cuz that’s not who I am!

It’s just like the blogger who recommends products she loves, and gets paid by the company because word of mouth and personal testimony is the VERY BEST way to find out about awesome things.

Do you ever ask your friends where they found their adorable sweater? Or necklace? Smooth amazing stroller? Makeup? Hair products? Duh, of course you do!

By cutting out the middle man, the storefront costs, the advertising costs (I used to sell commercials…they’re HOLY EXPENSIVE, y’all) … these companies are able to give money to the people who are using and sharing their products. It’s a win-win. And when I shop with these friends, I am supporting THEM, small business owners, which is a beautiful thing.

Should you still research the heck out of what you’re buying and where it’s sourced?! OF COURSE! But I also think you should not be cynical about it like I used to be.

Six months ago, I was asked to teach yoga at something called a Healthy Happy Hour in exchange for trying some products out for free. I thought, what the heck! I love yoga. I love free stuff. I love happy hours.

And then, three weeks later, I found myself eating the healthiest diet I had eaten in years (EVER probably) and kinda loving the way I felt. Okay, super loving it.

Then I was faced with a mega dilemma. Should I these Arbonne products with people? Or should I not do it because I don’t want to risk people thinking I’m annoying?

After a bagillion hours of researching (or like, 5) I learned that Arbonne was 100% reputable (37 years old), high quality (products weren’t full of crappy, artificial ingredients), and the team was full of people who loved personal growth and were awesome.


Not to mention, the industry wasn’t about to go anywhere. I could either join the movement (endorsed by Bill Gates, Jack Canfield, Warren Buffet, etc.) or I could watch half of the world around me join it, and eventually wish I had started way sooner.

I asked about 10 trillion questions and went back and forth 100 times. What would people think? 

At one point, I was ONE click away from signing up for a $5,000 Health Coaching course because I was feeling compelled to help other people in their health journeys and was so deathly afraid of the stigma of network marketing.

But then I realized that I needed to stop living my life for what other people might think. I needed to live it for ME and do what I thought was best. I thought investing in my Arbonne business was way smarter, and it was. 😀

It's my life

I knew some would never even try it, which is totally fine.

But others would, and they would love it and possibly change their lives through it (like us.)

So I grabbed ahold of my beliefs and convictions, threw my fearful ones out the window, and decided to share Arbonne in a fun and non-overgrammy way.

I gave away a Vitamix blender. I always away a ton of cool crap. (actually, not crap, but you know what I mean.) And I’m having a ton of fun doing it, which is the most important part.

My favorite thing about the business is that I can spend 5-10 hours a week doing it and make $1000+ in a month (and have), or I can spend 0 hours when I need to pull back for family time and still make money, because that’s how passive income works. Good business owners almost always make passive income.

SO, that’s the story folks. That’s why I’m “one of them.” And I hope you don’t feel like I’ve ever pushed any agenda with it, because I am just sharing something I’m crazy in love with.  Just like I love and share this delicious and healthy dinner and this hot yoga studio and Jesus.

So hopefully you’ll join me on the journey and come to one of my healthy happy hours or makeup & mimosas sometime soon. Or if you want, you can get on my VIP list for skincare and borrow my full size kit for three days. Or maybe something inside of you wants to grab coffee with me and chat about the business opportunity yourself. The possibilities are endless.

Carpe diem, friends. Thanks for hanging with me for a longer one 😉

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  1. I really love this. I never felt pressured and I really appreciate and value a good recommendation from a friend! Your words are so true (and for anyone reading this I don’t do networking marketing so I am not promoting something I personally do).

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